Studio S Dance Company

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Competition Team

Our competitive program requires a strong commitment from the dancer as well as the dancer’s family for support. It is a great way for dancers to learn new skills, develop a sense of what it means to work together as a team for a common goal and to develop a sense of pride and sportsmanship while making life-long friendships. 

Studio S Dance Company competition team is typically comprised of 9 - 12 dancers with similar skill levels and of similar ages. Based upon the skill, age, size and make-up of the team, the teams are categorized into different divisions.

At a competition, the team performs their routine for a panel of judges who score the performance based upon the choreography, musicality, technique and performance. The team's placement within their division is based upon the score they received compared to the scores of the other teams within their division.

We train on Thursday evenings and competitions usually take place at the weekend or in the school holidays.